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My name is SARA MARI
A young lady living in Minneapolis. I spend my time blogging about Japan, and fashion. I'm known for losing over 100lb, it was my dream and now I am trying to be fashionable. This is where I just reblog the things I love. . .

cute = jfashion = sweets = girly
Wearing my Misskika Sailor Moon t!
Anonymous sent: Wow, your weight loss journey is so inspiring! ; w ; I've been trying to lose 15 pounds (I'm 125 but a lot shorter than you) and it just seems impossible no matter how healthy I eat!! :(

Thank you so much for saying my journey is inspiring that is the best thing to hear. I know what you mean, for a very long time I would hover between 137-145 lb and I thought I’d never get to where I wanted to be, but I just kept sticking to eating healthy and suddenly I started losing weight. It’s really hard to be persistent when there aren’t results, but it does pay off if you can keep sticking with it!

Anonymous sent: To the stretch mark anon earlier, i use a product named Bio oil on mine, and it helps them fade quite a lot^__^

Thank you so much for sharing your input about stretch marks, I got some bio-oil for my bf’s scars but we’ve not used it enough to see results - it’s good to hear it works. Although I do find it so smelly haha!

Anonymous sent: Why do you never answer questions about people having difficulty losing weight? :/

I think the majority of my asks are about weight loss, and I try to answer them all unless I receive some that are similar questions close together. Right now I am working full time, trying to get into my first apartment and spending time with my mom and bf during the holiday weekend so I’m really behind on updating my online stuff. I’ll try to get more answered tomorrow.


strawberry bubble donutinspired by this

Collar - $16