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My name is SARA MARI
A young lady living in Minneapolis. I spend my time blogging about Japan, and fashion. I'm known for losing over 100lb, it was my dream and now I am trying to be fashionable. This is where I just reblog the things I love. . .

cute = jfashion = sweets = girly
Anonymous sent: Can you ever really get rid of stretch marks? I thought they just stay with you

No you are right, in that post I said they are like scars and can’t really be gotten rid of. Laser treatments can make them fade quite a bit, but they will always be there.

Anonymous sent: Ok ok - so what happens when you lose the fat? do you still have a load of practically useless veins? (thanks for answering! :D)

Sorry my reply is late to this (I’m worried when I reply on moblie that my answers will get eaten) Anyhow to be completely honest, I’m not sure if the blood vessels keep working or if they atrophy. I do know when you “lose” weight, you don’t actually lose the fat cells they just shrink. So I would imagine the body needs to keep some blood vessels to keep supplying the slimmed down fat cells.

Anonymous sent: Hi! I'm 160cm and almost 74kg and I really want to lose weight. I don't necessarily appear "fat", but I look rather thick and very chubby. I have a hypo thyroid, so my metabolism works really slowly. Do you have any tips on what to eat, or how to exercise or even overall tips?

Hello there, are you taking any medication for your hypothyroid? As for eating, general healthy eating with not only help with weight loss but also give you more energy and stamina. You can check out my food list here for ideas and servings.

For exercise I would recommend circuit training to try and change up your heart rate as much as possible. There are videos you can use at home, or go to a gym and have one of the personal trainers set up a routine for you. But a general circuit would be like 5 mins of cardio, 3 minutes of strength movements (crunches, lunges, pushups etc) and 2 minutes of weight lifting. Also if your schedule allows a brisk walk right in the morning before you have breakfast is a good way to boost your metabolism for the day.

Anonymous sent: hi there~ if you dont mind me asking but where did u get that sailor moon shirt? ^^ its really pretty

Hello, no problem. I pre-ordered mine from Misskika, but they are sold through now :) It seems like they have sold out, but maybe there will be a restock?


I found the best tea and cookies *w*

For hannahfy ♡♡