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My name is SARA MARI
A young lady living in Minneapolis. I spend my time blogging about Japan, and fashion. I'm known for losing over 100lb, it was my dream and now I am trying to be fashionable. This is where I just reblog the things I love. . .
Anonymous sent: I dont want to be rude and just follow you for the give away but your blog is really cute! I love you accessories

I appreciate that :D and thank you for liking my accessories, that’s so nice to hear!

Anonymous sent: It feels weird, I'll follow a blog for their giveaway then I start loving their blog so I'll forgot about the giveaway. You have an amazing blog

Oh! Thanks for joining the giveaway and enjoying my blog too! I’m glad to hear you like it!


sinakisikumishiantopasian sent: Hello Sara the truth had not seen your blog IS REALLY BEAUTIFUL tickets are so cute your Review, outfit and places I've traveled my dream is to go to Japan for the time and most likely will x3 in 3 years :) thank you very much for sharing your travel now I follow your blog both facebook, tumblr and now your blog: D have a nice night new follower and continues to share your travel and your outfits <3   (Not a lot of English: c so the traductos of google has helped me to keep reading)

Hi there! Thank you so much for reading my blog, I’m really glad you like the reviews outfits and Japan travel :) That’s very exciting you can travel to Japan in 3 years for your dream! You are so kind and it means a lot to me you follow me even when english is not your first language!

Anonymous sent: when end your giveaway? you post the winners or inbox? :)

First I will message the winners then I will announce them!


New garter belts~